Michael Beas CEO, Founder of Raver Magazine

A leader in the worlds of finance, publishing, marketing, and brand management, Michael Alexander Beas spent more than 12 years in Fortune 500 companies before becoming an entrepreneur. Today, he is the CEO and Founder of Raver Magazine. He is also CEO and Co-Founder of Atlas Elite Partners.
Prior to founding his own businesses, he worked in revenue-generation for leaders in the banking, telecommunications, and commercial business insurance industries, including Citibank Financial, Lucent Technology, AVAYA Communications, and Liberty Mutual.

Beas holds both a Bachelor’s degree in business management as well as an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. He is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. He is considered to be a Social Entrepreneur and he is the Founder and CEO of Raver Magazine, one of the leading Electronic Dance Music Magazines in the country. As a journalist he has interviewed and published over 7,000 articles about dance music. Throughout his career Beas has also interviewed some of the biggest names in music industry, some names include Ice-T, Cedric Gervais, Nicky Romero, Afrojack, CID, Armin van Buuren, Sander van Doorn, Hardwell and many more Grammy Award Winning artists. In addition, Michael has written and published two of his own novels and has plans for many more.
Throughout his reputable career, Beas has received awards, accolades and has been recognized worldwide for his constant leadership and commitment to the literary industry. In 2020, he is being considered for a feature in TIP (Top Industry Professional) Magazine, and the Reuters Times Square Billboard in New York City by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP).

How I Started Raver Magazine?

I started Raver Magazine when I was in a dark place or low point in my life. I was trying to find a new beginning, a new journey that I wanted my life to take me on. It was at a coffee house thinking to myself 'what can I do to make a difference?' 'What is something that I enjoy doing that I can try do to have an impact?'
I had gone to Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL. and I remembered thinking to myself just how much I loved to rave. I was good at writing and well I love dance music so I thought 'why not start a news magazine?'
I finished my cup of coffee and went to work thinking how can I make this happen. For 3 months straight I looked up how to make a website, how to get into events, who do I need to contact to get interviews. Originally the magazine was going to be called Trance Daily Magazine, but then it would only be Trance Music Driven. Then I thought Rave Magazine but that was taken also. That’s when I thought, let me add an “R” to the end of Rave and well that’s how I got the name Raver Magazine. I trademarked the name, finished the website and got started.
The road was hard and long, in the beginning no one would let me into an event and much less interview anyone. It was like pulling teeth to get in. I would get kicked out of almost every nightclub till the point where I couldn't even pay for a ticket to get into a show.
Then I thought, why not write for another publication. I ended up interviewing at a bunch of them and ended up getting a spot at The Untz as a journalist. They were super helpful and after a few interviews I asked them if it would be ok to do some of my own interviews at the event and if the artists where ok with it. They said it was fine as long as I did their interview first and I was ok with that. The good news is that now I was in and I was in front of the artists.
My first big interview was with W&W. I was so nervous and I didn't want to mess things up. I called my best friend Nhan Tran, one of the leading photographers in the country. He came out to join me and needless to say he gave me an amazing pep talk, which included two shots of vodka and well, he said 'time to make this magazine biggest in the country'. Had he not been there who knows where this all might be right now, so I owe him all of the gratitude that life could offer.
After that things picked up, we interviewed Cosmic Gate, and landed a spot at the first Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. The rest as they say is history.

What are my favorite moments at Raver Magazine?

Wow, there are so many and it is hard to come up with only a few.
I would have to say some of my favorite moments include being at the last TomorrowWorld in Georgia. What a weekend that was. We got stuck with all of my fellow Ravers in the mud and rain. It was like a mud pit where things went from perfect to worse in a minute. But that being said it was amazing, I ended up meeting so many friends and people from all over the world, the mud and rain didn't matter in the end, what mattered was the music.
Going to my first event in Europe was also an amazing experience. We covered Amsterdam Music Festival and went to all of the recording studios like Armada Music, Protocol Recording, Spinning' Records. The vibe and the energy was truly one of the best I have ever had.
Ultra Music Festival was where it all started for me years ago, but getting media credentials for Ultra is also some of the most difficult in the world to get. I had gotten declined 3 years in a row because we weren't big enough until we were so getting credentials for Ultra Music Festival was a milestone for me personally. It was one of those moments that I know I had finally made with the big publications.
It was there at Ultra Music Festival that I met my now wife Kristine Kennedy. She is an Insurance Underwriter and as luck would have it she was insuring the festival that I was covering. Never in my life would I have thought to meet my future Rave Bae and now wife at an event. We both love to rave and she now handles all of the event coordination and credentials for our journalists all over the world. We can now party together until we die.

Followers and Subscribers
Raver Magazine gets on average 8 million unique hits a month to the website. Together with our Media Partner Speir TV and Founder Robert Sussman we have 400,000 social media followers and I have 10,000 personal followers on my Instagram @BeasMichael