Wicked Paradise

Over the last four years we have aggregated 400 day parties under one roof. 

Wicked Paradise has seen steady growth over the last 4 years, producing sell out crowds week after week.


Orlove Entertainment and L’Affaire Musicale came together for the first time.

2015 - 2016 / MOMENTUM

Produced over 100 parties. As Wicked Paradise worked its way to the #1 pool party in LA, Orlove and L’Affaire created several more party brands for various types of events.

2017 / GROWTH

Produced almost 300 events, growing the brands.

2018 / 140 MILLION
With the continued growth of venue partnerships, artist respect and fan recognition, Orlove and L’Affaire have slated over 800 events in 2018, and are on track to reach 140M impressions next year. With plans to expand.

Wicked Paradise has taken the Southern Californian event circuit by storm with outstanding lineups and carefully planned events that have won them a die-hard following. We’re talking insane boat parties, intimate pool parties, and after-dark events, most of which sell out in advance. You may have caught wind of their events from our past attendances to their sold-out Goldroom and Soulection Boat Parties (FOMO alert if you’ve never attended their events).